stacking cubes storage

Spring is here. This means that it's also time to transition your wardrobe, pack away those winter jackets and organize your t-shirts, shorts, and sundresses. Of course, considering the fact that according to NPR, the size of the average American home has nearly tripled over the past 50 years, this isn't always an easy task. With the help of some of our pro tips, you can make the process efficient, and dare we say, enjoyable? Here are just a few excellent tips for organizing your wardrobe for the coming spring and summer seasons.

Invest in Stacking Cubes Storage

According to Forbes, the average American woman owned only nine outfits in 1930. Today, the average woman owns 30 -- one for each day of the month. If you own an excessive amount of spring and summer clothing, you're most likely going to need to prioritize proper organization by investing in stacking cubes storage. This unique furniture organizer system makes the most of the vertical space you have in your bedroom or closet, allowing you to keep more clothes organized and available at the ready. The Daily Mail says that over the course of a lifetime, people spend 3,680 hours (or 153 days) searching for misplaced items. Research shows we lose up to nine items each day, or 198,743 throughout our lives. That being said, a stackable cube storage system is one of the most efficient ways to make the most of all the space you have, even if it isn't much.

Don't Forget to Declutter

Transitioning to your spring and summer wardrobe, many people forget, is the perfect time to get rid of some of those clothes that were sitting in the back of your closet all winter long unworn. Don't underestimate the space you can save, and the good you can do, by donating some of the clothes you no longer wear to a local donation center, homeless shelter, or even pass them on to friends and family. Saving some extra closet space will also make room for any new clothes you may bring home this season.

Ultimately, understanding how to effectively organize your clothes for spring and summer weather is the key to taking control of your wardrobe and maintaining an efficient system. For more information about modular cube storage or other furniture organization ideas, contact Go-Organize.