The constant struggle to maintain balance in our busy lives can make us feel like we’re drowning. Sometimes, we literally are -- in clutter.

Unfortunately, excessive clutter take a toll on our productivity and overall mood, contributing to our ever-rising stress levels and making our minds feel every bit as messy as our home is. And for the 43% of Americans who admitted in an IKEA survey that they were disorganized, this could lead to even greater stress.
the true cost of clutter According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Productivity and Organizing, your home office or den is most likely to be the messiest spot in your home, representing 42% of responses. Around 35% of participants answered that their kitchens were the least organized room, with 33% saying their laundry rooms were the most cluttered. Approximately 30% answered that the master bedroom was the most disorganized area of the home.

The fact that these major hotspots -- where we work, cook, relax, sleep, and spend time with our families -- are most prone to clutter is alarming. And being surrounded by clutter can even cause us to waste a whole lot of time and cause frustration. The average American spends an astounding 55 minutes every day searching for misplaced items.

Some lost items aren’t easily replaced, though. You can replace a lost birth certificate for around $30, but getting a new one issued can be a real hassle. The same goes for other official documents like passports and personal identification cards. And if you lose a bill that has yet to be paid, you might have to pay it late, like 23% of people do -- which can come with its own set of financial penalties. Others may misplace someone else’s money when they can’t locate a gift card given to them for a birthday, anniversary, or graduation. In 2014, nearly $1 billion in misplaced gift cards went unredeemed.

Even if you don’t misplace any important items in your home, the costs of clutter will still be quite high. You may even find you have no more room in your house for everything, resulting in the need for an off-site storage unit. More than 10% of U.S. households rent storage space to hold all of these extra items. The cost of storage might be steeper than you’d assume, costing many families up to $1,000 per year.

Ultimately, the most cost-effective solution is to invest in home organization tools. Although tackling your disorganized home may feel overwhelming at first, arming yourself with the right organization furniture will keep things simple and streamlined.