three drawer organizerAccording to Forbes, the average American woman owned only nine outfits in 1930. Inconceivable, we know. Today, the modern American woman owns 30 -- one for each day of the month. It's no wonder, then, that most women are in need of more closet storage solutions, like stackable cube organizers and bins. But while good storage and organization furniture is helpful to a point, it's not possible to keep accumulating both clothes and storage containers to hold them. Therefore, learning how to truly get organized and kick out the clutter is essential. Here are just five tips to help get you started.

  1. Keep only what sparks joy

    The "KonMari" method of decluttering is a life-changing one for many people. The idea is that when you're deciding what to hold onto and what to get rid of, you ask the question, "does this item spark joy?" This ensures your wardrobe is made up of things that make you happy and eliminates the rest. Instead of having an overflowing closet filled with a bunch of forgettable pieces, you'll be surrounded by items that both fit well and make you feel great. This method is also good to keep in mind when you're shopping for new clothes -- if they don't spark joy, remove them from your cart.

  2. Explore different levels

    Once you've weeded out the joyous items from the not-so-joyous, you can store your clothes, accessories, and shoes more effectively. A great way to make certain your most-used items are always accessible is to embrace the idea of levels. You'll want the pieces you wear or use most to be right at eye level, with items you use somewhat regularly to be lower. Items you use the least should be stored up high, but should still be visible and easy to bring down when needed. If you don't have enough vertical organization options, you can find plenty of storage furniture online to help you make good use of your entire closet space.

  3. Choose the right storage options

    Different vessels are better suited to different needs. When organizing all of your clothing, accessories, shoes, and other pieces, you'll need to consider what kinds of storage options are appropriate for a given product. A three drawer organizer, for example, can be ideal for shirts, pants, scarves, socks, and more. And because these three drawer organizers come in a few different finishes, they'll give your entire boudoir a stylish upgrade. But for your boot collection or your delicate dresses, other storage options will be more appropriate. Give yourself some variety by hanging shelving units for sweaters and putting up a rack or two for suit jackets and formal wear that needs to be hung.

  4. Add better lighting

    If your closet is dull and dark, chances are that you'll lose track of some of your favorite pieces and won't have much fun picking your outfit in the morning. Whether your closet is out in the open or is its own separate room, good lighting can make all the difference. You can opt for overhead track lighting, an elegant chandelier, or even a good floor lamp mixed with some simple fixtures. The brighter your closet is, the happier you'll be to be in it (and the better your outfits and your organization will be!).

  5. Consider color-coding

    If you're someone who wears a lot of bold hues or you have trouble keeping track of everything, you may want to try organizing your wardrobe by color. This will make your closet look a lot more cheerful and will allow you to quickly find exactly what you need. It's easy to do this with clothes on hangers, but you can also keep this in mind when storing garments in your three drawer organizers or putting shoes and accessories in storage cubes. When everything is in its proper place, rather than being thrown somewhere haphazard, you'll get much more use out of these items and won't have to waste time searching for anything.

If you're in need of better closet organization, why not start with our three drawer organizers and other storage furniture? Having the right storage options to start with will let you apply these other principles and make your closet a lot more manageable.