craft organizer

This crafty gal is pretty cool. She's a JD/ Ph.D. student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, a lover of crafts, computers, and cats. As you're probably aware, the academic demands of such a rigorous program are markedly stressful. To alleviate this stress, she taught herself how to cross stitch back in 2016. At first, she was doing it as a hobby and the rest is history.

"The first time I stitched I did so for almost 24 consecutive hours. I was hooked, and quickly found a way to express myself in imagery. I could even come out of a Netflix binge with something to hang on my wall, which, as someone who had been occupied with lines in my CV, became incredibly satisfying."

A lover of puns and Pokemon, her craft organizers are full of cross stitch patterns that span a vast library of nerdy pop-cultural references and smile-inducing, punny witticisms. If you couldn't tell, she's an ambitious young woman and quickly honed her craft and joined the 88% of side hustling ladies on Etsy. Going from physical graph paper to design software, she harnessed the internet as the ultimate craft organizer. Starting on Etsy, her first design is a pattern that's the anatomy of a bee, labeling its knees as you, because you're the bee's knees. Really falling in love with her craft, she launched her website: The Freudian Stitch. One of the best craft organizers, she got right on making her company, and hobby room storage turned from messy craftroom storage to a sleek online shop. 

Now there are whole pun sets, including the stitching of a donut that says "eat more hole foods". If you're into puns, cats, pop culture, and some designs that are just plain hilarious (and adorable), she's got something for you. It's also a pretty cool message that you can have a hobby and pursue it as far as your ambition will take you. What started as a graduate student's stress reliever turned into pleasant patterns that people all over the place have come to adore. What's better than a hobby that makes you and others happy? 

A lot of people let their hobbies sit in craft organizers doomed to eventual disinterest. Take a lesson from The Freudian Stitch. Even through the intensity of her schedule, she takes the time to enjoy crafting and continues to develop it into a punderfulsmall business. 

Whether you're just learning or you have crafting cabinets packed with stores of goodies, keep at it. We believe in you.