scrapbook paper storage drawers

If your family is like most, you probably have boxes, bins, cabinets, or drawers full of papers in your house. And while most of these documents are no doubt important, it's hard to tell the necessary from the extraneous when you have so much clutter. In addition, you'll probably struggle to actually find what you need. According to the 
Daily Mail, people spend approximately 3,680 hours (or 153 days!) searching for misplaced items throughout the course of their lifetime. Is your struggle with paper clutter keeping you from leading a well-organized life? Then you'll want to consider the following tips.

Make a filing system
One of the reasons your current setup isn't working is probably because you have no way to tell one paper from the next. If you've been relying on craft storage bins or old boxes to house everything from tax returns to old book reports, you're bound to be frustrated. Instead of throwing everything into the abyss, you need a filing system that makes sense for your life. That might mean getting a big filing cabinet, using craft organizers to sort and display important documents, or relying on labeled binders with tabs. Make sure you're using your scrapbook paper storage drawers for exactly those materials, rather than as a catch-all for other documents that don't belong.

Recycle what's not needed
It's very easy to end up in a situation wherein you're drowning in papers you think you might need someday. But the reality is, unless there real sentimental or professional reasons for holding onto those papers, you probably don't need them. Food delivery menus, tech manuals, and old magazines probably aren't bringing anything beneficial into your life. Take stock of all papers throughout the home and whenever you can, recycle them (or shred them, if they contain personal information). You may also want to consider taking steps to prevent this clutter from happening in the first place; make it a point to recycle publications promptly and pledge not to have a junk drawer or magazine rack at all.

Prioritize accessibility
The "out of sight, out of mind" mentality can actually be more harmful than helpful when it comes to clutter. It's way too easy to accumulate junk and not locate what you need when you keep your papers in the attic, in the basement, or under the bed. For papers you reference often, accessibility is a must. You can label a shallow basket or use craft room paper storage to hold these papers in a home office or on a desk. You can also use scrapbook paper storage drawers in similar ways. For papers you need to keep but don't need to look at frequently, you might want to buy storage furniture online that allows you to keep it all in one place without being within arm's reach.

Go electronic when possible
Of course, scrapbook paper storage drawers and other craft organizers can work wonders if you just don't have comprehensive options for weeding out your clutter. But before you buy out the entire home organization store for the papers you'll inevitably receive in the future, you might want to think of ways you can keep documents from accumulating altogether. In the digital age, there are countless options for going paperless. From electronic billing to online document storage, you can drastically reduce your paper clutter in just a few simple steps. Make it your mission to print as few documents as possible or submit papers electronically whenever you can. Sometimes, companies will even provide incentives for going paperless, since it saves them money in the long run!

It's not easy to cut out the clutter, but you'll feel so much better once you really commit to it. And with our scrapbook paper storage drawers, you might actually be excited to arrange everything in its proper place. To find out more about how our products can de-clutter your life, contact us today.