craft storage shelves

If you're an avid crafter with a thriving online business, you'll likely know how important it is to have high-quality craft organization systems in your workspace -- be they modular cubes or specific craft storage shelves. But solutions that are similar to what you use for your crafting work are can be used in other rooms of your home, too. While there are countless organization solutions on the market, modular cubes may be uniquely suited to your needs and can spruce up certain rooms in a whole new way. We'll take a look at just three examples below.

In the Kids' Rooms
British research has found that the average 10-year-old owns something like 238 toys, yet only plays with 12 on a daily basis. That means that your children will probably need ample storage options in order to keep their rooms clean or even find the toys they want. While you can utilize bins, totes and bookshelves to hold bigger playthings, modular storage cubes can hold stuffed animals, wind-up toys, and musical instruments. You can even use these cubes to hold notebooks, textbooks, and homework assignments later on. Additionally, you could install hanging wall shelves to hold special sentimental items your child wants to keep safe. You can even use them to hold decorative jars filled with shells, rocks, marbles, beads, and more. That way, your child's storage shelves will be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

In the Bathroom
Bathrooms often don't provide all of the storage your family needs and floorspace is limited. So you may need to “go vertical.” Add hanging storage options. These floating shelves are perfect for holding lotions, powders, perfumes, colognes, and small jars with cotton balls or swabs, as well as decorative knick-knacks, little mirrors, or drinking cups. Larger modular cube units can be used for hand towels, washcloths, shower caps, combs and brushes, styling tools, and even replacement toiletries like toothpaste and soap.

In the Kitchen
Our two-pack wall shelves can be used as a spice rack alternative, allowing you to actually display all of your seasonings in an artistic way while giving you better access to these aromatic and herbaceous ingredients. You can also use modular cube organizers with built-in shelving to hold your placemats and fabric napkins, food storage containers, or even plates and flatware. Whether your small kitchen lacks built-in storage or you simply want to add color and quirkiness to your space, modular cubes are a great way to make the room more functional and lively.

If you’re already using modular craft cubes for your crafting space, then you totally get the idea. Now expand the idea throughout your home to improve your organization and accessibility to the items you use most often. They keep your space organized and can make a room look more interesting and appealing. To find out more about how our unique storage options, like our modular craft cubes or our craft storage shelves, can help your family, contact us today.