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Although the size of the average American home has nearly tripled in the last 50 years, many of us still experience the frustration of dealing with a cramped closet. As we accumulate more items, we struggle to find the space to keep them all. Often, that's when we look for organization furniture ideas. But it's not always enough to find some great closet furniture for sale; you'll need to also make sure that your organization tactics in this small space are up to par. Let's take a closer look at some of the most common closet organization mistakes people make at home -- and how you can avoid making them yourself.

MISTAKE: Holding onto items you don't wear
The first big mistake a lot of folks make is failing to de-clutter. If you're a real fashion lover, it may be hard for you to get rid of your garments, even if you've never worn them or haven't worn them in years. And many of us develop sentimental attachments to certain pieces due to the memories we associate with them. Ultimately, you'll have to think of it like ripping off a bandaid. If you haven't worn a garment, pair of shoes, or an accessory in over a year and/or something no longer fits or feels like "you," it's time to let it go. Remember that everything in your closet should bring you joy! Although culling your clothing collection will get easier the more often you do it, it may help to keep in mind that these clothes can benefit someone else (through a charitable donation or even selling them through an online platform).

MISTAKE: Not having adequate lighting
Before you can actually browse the available closet furniture for sale and start getting everything organized, it may help to address what's lacking in your closet's core design. In many homes, closets come with very little lighting. There may be a single halogen bulb or bad track lighting that leaves a lot of dark spots. This can make it extremely difficult to keep a space organized and know what you have to work with. You may want to consider clearing everything out and addressing this issue before you do anything else. You can either contact an electrician to wire some additional, more functional features or invest in some additional LED lighting strips to supplement what you've got. Once you've got the lighting situation under control, you'll be in a better position to address your organization issues.

MISTAKE: Storing items in inaccessible spots
When dealing with a small space, you'll want to use every possible square inch you can. But that can cause you to use areas of your closet that are virtually inaccessible to you. This will cause you to forget what you own (you know what they say -- out of sight, out of mind!), meaning that these items won't really be used and will just take up space. Everything in your closet needs to be accessible. You may want to take a closer look at what your local home storage stores can offer to alleviate your issues and make sure that everything is visible and organized.

MISTAKE: Buying the wrong kinds of organization products
It's easy to go a little overboard when you find a lot of great closet furniture for sale. But it's important to note that not every organization product or piece of furniture will be a good fit for your needs. While some closets have the room for modular cube storage, others might fare better with some hooks, shelving, and over-the-door storage. It really depends on what you like and what you feel works best for your needs. Taking careful measurements and playing with new arrangements can help you make these decisions.

If you're struggling to organize your clothes storage space, our selection of closet furniture for sale can provide all the solutions you need. For more info, contact us today.