cube storage with doorsNPR estimates that the size of the average American home has nearly tripled over the past 50 years. But even so, many families find they're short on space. And when you don't have ample storage, your house can quickly become overflowing with clutter. There's no better example of that than your teen's bedroom. Although your teenager yearns for privacy and a space of their own, a consistently messy room won't provide the opportunity to decompress and be productive. Instead, they'll likely feel overwhelmed and disorganized, leading to higher stress levels and even family arguments.

But rather than nagging your teen to clean up their room on a regular basis, you might find that it's more effective to perform a complete overhaul of their space and zero in on their lack of storage. By clearing out the clutter, coming up with some clever organization furniture ideas, and providing incentive to stay organized, you and your teen will likely be a lot more at-ease.

Declutter First

Before you can actually organize everything in your teen's bedroom, you need to figure out what you're really dealing with. There's no other way to do that than to clear out all clutter, decide what to donate or throw away, and assess the areas that are lacking. Getting a handle on what's missing -- like better organization tools like cube storage with drawers or additional shelving -- can allow you and your teen to come up with a comprehensive plan for what the space should be.

Buy Storage Furniture Online

Although you'll probably be able to find some good tot to teens furniture in stores, such as stackable cubes and bookshelves, the selection is always going to be greater on an e-commerce website. You'll likely be able to find the pieces with the dimensions you need, as well as options you might never have considered (like cube storage with doors!). You can supplement these finds with furniture your teen already has, as well as unique shelving, over-the-door storage, or hanging options to make the most of this space.

Divide and Conquer

Although many of us love an open concept, this design can make it a bit tougher to keep things organized. That's why it's important to designate certain "zones" within your teen's room. This can provide some much-needed structure and encourage them to keep their space clean. For instance, create one zone for studying and homework -- which should include a desk, a chair, a lamp, a bookcase or cube storage with doors, and some desktop organization tools. Make another zone for lounging and reading, another for sleep, another for playing games, and another for hobbies (like crafting or practicing dance or music). You don't necessarily need to physically divide these spaces with walls or curtains, but you should make it visually clear where everything goes. This can make it a lot easier to keep dirty laundry from overflowing or papers from getting everywhere.

Organizing your teen's room -- and encouraging them to keep it organized -- is no easy feat. But by making a game plan and investing in some useful storage options like cube storage with doors or other modular furniture, you'll make sure to keep clutter to a minimum and create a space your teen actually wants to be in.