Living room. Family room. Recreation room. Great room. Regardless of what you call it, you spend a lot of time there. You want it to look good but it also needs to be functional. Who says you can’t have it all? Our Small Space furniture is your solution!

TV’s, DVD players, cable boxes and video game consoles take up less space today, so now you can make better use of your media unit.

Organize your technology on shelves and hide those video game controllers in a portable tray when you’re not using them. Storage space on both sides allows you to hide less frequently used items like DVD’s and magazines.


Your coffee table can do more than hold drinks (and feet!). Slide open the top to store blankets, reading materials and when nobody is looking, keep your favorite snack in easy reach!


Bookshelves do more than just hold books! From small to large, you can share your treasures, define your space and sure, if you need a place for books…


On the other hand, if you do more entertaining than reading, consider a wine storage organizer.

A portable tray on top makes it easy to serve your guests; use the shelf for wineglasses; space for fifteen bottles of wine keeps your collection organized; and use the drawer to store your bottle opener, coffee cups, and other supplies.


Sometimes you just don’t want to see everything, so add some doors and drawers!

Create an area with our stackable organizers that balances the items you want to show with space to hide the rest.

More isn’t always better – especially when more is too much.

Design your space based on your space!

Finally, we appreciate that everyone, and their space, is different, so if you have ever thought “close, but not quite” when it comes to home organization and storage furniture, you will appreciate the flexibility of a modular cube solution.

Design it yourself! Choose your color (or colors!) and select and arrange an assortment of cubes based on your vision.

Choose from open cubes, shelves, drawers and doors. Choose your color, or be adventurous and mix colors! Arrange them in any fashion. But…

We leave the decorating to you!

When you think of “home”, the image in your mind is the place where you spend the most amount of time. It’s where you relax and where you entertain, where you work and where you play. It needs to be just right!