Make small spaces into great places

Living Room, Dinning Room, Work Area

Small living rooms, big possibilities…

Your living room gets a lot of use, from every day life to entertaining. No need to compromise style for function!

Put your furniture to work!

Our compact media unit organizes technology on shelves and hides all things electronic and more!

More to THIS table than meets the eye!

Sneak storage into your coffee table! Attractive design slides open for a discreet “hiding spot” no one but you will ever see.

Divide and define your space.  No walls needed!

Take advantage of your vertical space to enhance décor while giving the illusion of a bigger space.


Bookshelves offer an attractive way to create separation in your living areas, or “hide” a home office. Open views make each area feel larger without closing you in!

Quiet dinner for two, or lunch for one… 

A folding table has the versatility you need to turn your living area into a dining room whenever you need it!


…and when you really want to celebrate, break out the silver!

Your folding table does more than serve dinner…

…it creates a versatile work space when you have little to spare!


When you need your floor space back, your table closes into an attractive end-piece.

Great friends, good wine, the perfect look!

Entertain with style! A wine storage organizer not only tucks into your dining area, it offers great organizational features.

Store up to 15 bottles of wine and wineglasses of all types.


A portable tray on top offers a sophisticated way to serve your guests.

Drawer stores your bottle opener, coffee cups and other supplies.

Open for business…closed for style

Does your office share your home? Design your work area for functionality, while maintaining the look and feel of your living space. When the day is over, close the top and you’ve got your home back!


Console desk offers an efficient work space in small living areas and adds a touch of style to your home.

What is an option is a file holder storage chest that’s ready when you need it, looks great when you don’t!

Do your small living areas present big challenges? Ask Your Organizer!

You need your small rooms to be functional, but want them to look stylish!’s professional organizer has ideas that will help you make the most of your small spaces!

You can ask questions about how to select the furniture options that maximize your smaller room space without compromising on style!