The only downside to crafting is cleaning up the huge mess at the end. After you create your masterpiece, it’s easy to just throw everything in your drawer or closet until next time. However, if you start and end with an organized space, it can make prep time shorter and clean up much easier. Whether you love knitting, sewing, or crocheting, these hobbies often involve a lot of supplies and moving parts. When you store and organize your materials, don’t fall into the same common traps. Instead, test out some of our recommendations and see what works best for you and your crafting style!

Go organize PegboardDon’t leave all of your spools of thread in a container and then get frustrated when you can’t find the color you need to stitch the button that just fell off your favorite shirt. Instead, try hanging your thread on a pegboard. This saves you time because you don’t have to rummage through your sewing box, and it also gives your sewing area a splash of playful color. Simply attach appropriately sized dowel rods to your board with wood glue, and you’re good to go! To take it up another notch, find pegs that are extra-long, so the matching bobbin can fit as well. Then, your set will always be ready to go, and you won’t have to make a new bobbin every time you can’t find one that matches your thread spool. A pegboard for sewing materials is the perfect way to organize your space because it keeps your work area clean and lets you see all the thread colors you have.

Go Organize Ribbon holderDon’t store all of your embellishments in one bag and then get impatient when you can’t find that black button with the polka dots. Instead, think outside the box and onto the wall—literally. A memo board with magnetic canisters is the perfect solution for all of your notions. Embellishments are often quite tiny, making them the ideal size to fit in these containers. From buttons and beads to flowers and other small add-ons, everything has a place that’s always in plain sight with this type of storage device. You can even choose however many canisters you need to accommodate each type of accessory you have. Not only is it completely customizable, but like the thread pegboard, you can add some color and style to your crafting area as well. When you’re ready to use an item, simply take down the container, grab what you need, and attach it back on the board.

Go organize 2 drawer organizer cubeDon’t put all of your ribbons into one drawer and then wonder why half of them are off the spools next time you need to finish wrapping a gift. Instead, hang your ribbons on a rod. This will help keep them untangled and unwrinkled. Half the battle with ribbons is getting them to cooperate. Even the slightest kink or dent can be problematic and ruin everything, so take frustration out of the equation with a wall ribbon holder. This craft organizer makes it easy to see all the different colors and types you already have. Plus, you can roll it out and measure how much you need without even taking it off the rack! You no longer have to chase your spool of ribbon down the hall when it falls as you’re trying to cut just the right amount. And, if you’re looking to store your ribbons and embellishments all in one space, an embellishment storage organizer will let you do both!

Hanging File organizer CubeDon’t throw all of your yarn in one bag and then waste time untangling everything. Instead of leaving the fate of your yarn to chance, store it in a 2 drawer organizer cube. Whether you have three bundles or thirty, you can get as many stackable furniture cubes as you need. These craft storage shelves make it easy to personalize a workspace that flows with your creative style. From 9 x 9 squares to 5 x 1 towers, the possibilities are endless when you use these stacking cubes. Plus, the clear front panel allows you to immediately see which color is in which drawer. This will save you the time because you no longer have to open and close multiple drawers to find what you’re looking for. And, if you’re looking for a solution that lets you keep your knitting needles close by, an open organizer cube gives you enough room to stick and store them right in the bundles!

Go OrganizeDon’t leave your fabric in the plastic bag you bought it in and then complain when you have sort through wrinkled materials later. Instead, fold or hang everything up. Nicely folding each piece and stacking similar sizes together makes it easy to see everything you have and pull what you need. File organizerWith a hanging file organizer cube, you can drape all of your fabric over the folders. Since the folders can slide back and forth like hangers, this technique makes it easy to find and access the exact piece you’re looking for. The best part is that once you get what you need, just close the drawer and voilà– your supplies are completely out of sight until you need something else. 

Engaging in hands-on activities like sewing or knitting can  significantly reduce stress. However, struggling to locate your materials and putting them all back in a hurry can counteract this, causing frustration and even more stress. In order to get the most out of your crafting experience, it’s important to consider the entire process—not just the actual act of crafting (even if it is the part that’s the most fun). It’s perfectly fine to start out small. Just try one or two of these craft room storage solutions and see how it goes. As you get a better feel for how you work and which solutions are feasible for your workspace, add a few more. If you need any assistance determining which items will be best for your specific needs, our professional organizers are always happy to help.