Small Office / Home office Work Zones

Spare Room, Apartment, Basement, Living Area, Study Area

Is your office invading your family room?

Design your work space to fit your home! Flip down desktops and file cabinets to “close” your office and welcome back your home.

Multi-purpose your desk!

A slim console work desk serves as an efficient work surface in living areas. Close the top and it becomes a stylish addition to your décor.


Large file storage when you need it…

A file holder storage chest is a perfect option and looks great when not in use!

Office by day, apartment by night...

Use modular stacking cubes with doors and drawers to organize (and hide!) office clutter.


 A bit more space? Add on!


Got a corner? That’s all you need to create an efficient home office. Modular furniture allows you to add on as your needs change. Be stylish as well as functional by combining pieces in complementary colors.

The feel of your space can be as important as the function…

Displaying personal items (awards, collectibles, photos, etc.) is a great way to personalize your space. 


Bookshelves also make great room dividers!

Tuck your office behind a bookshelf display to attractively “hide” your office!

Use fabric storage bins to organize and conceal supplies.

Heads Up!

There are lots of storage options to get the most out of your space – bottom to top! Wall, backs of doors, closets…even the sides of furnishings!

Magnetic boards or pegboards (or both!) are

prefect for to-do lists, calendars, hanging supplies

Wall-mount shelves are
ideal for easy-to-reach office supplies

 As your business grows, so will your office…

Limited space doesn’t mean limited options! offers a wide range of home office furniture and accessories in a variety of categories.

Versatile solutions for every home office!