Closet Creativity Zones

- Spare Bedroom, Hallway, Basement

Now you see you don't!

No need to dedicate your whole closet to craft storage…

  • Keep your craft supplies out of sight without using all of your valuable closet space.
  • Craft storage organizers are specially designed for nearly every craft offering maximum storage without “upsetting” your clothes. In fact, they are welcome!


Small space challenges?

Unique solutions are just a click away! Our organizer will help create the ideal craft environment for you!

Need help creating your own crafty closet?

Small space, big ideas? No problem! 

You don’t need an entire room dedicated to craft storage. A full closet crafting environment offers storage and room to work!

Don’t drag chairs around your house! Dedicate one to your crafting closet.

More wall space than floor space? Go vertical!

Bottles, boards, spools and shelves

Make use of wall space for convenience and utility! Wall-mount embellishment organizer, pegboard, magnetic boards, ribbon holders, and more!

Keep ribbons neat with wall mounted ribbon holders

Keep embellishments and ribbons organized and within easy reach with a wall-mount embellishment organizer
Multi-use magnetic board comes with 4 magnetic canisters Handy pegboard comes in packs of three
Wall-mounted shelves hold up to 10 pounds Plastic containers help organize all the small supplies

More than a closet but less than a room? A mobile workspace is perfect for creativity on the go!

A carefully crafted, full closet storage enviroment uses space wisely and houses a mobile workspace.

When inspiration stikes...

Easily unfold your mobile workstation, choose a room, and you're ready to craft!

Simple Soulution, Big Difference

Mount pegboard to the side of your mobile work surface to keep your most offten used tools in easy reach!

Imagination knows no bounds!

Whatever your craft, we've got you covered!

Our craft storage makes organization practical and efficient. Hide-away mobile work table tucks into closet over cubes.

The sky (or your ceiling) is the limit…

Always room for more! 

Your supplies and tools keep growing… and you started another craft. craft furniture is designed for change!

  • Use our Design Tool to create your personal crafting space.
  • Use it again when you are ready to add on!

Go-Organize crafting organizers: Clever closets for creative people!