Not only is crafting enjoyable on its own, but it can help you improve other areas of your life as well. When you create art in any form, you can significantly reduce your stress levels, allowing you to better focus on the many other tasks that take up your daily life. Crafting is often considered a relatively calming activity, and an organized craft space will help make the experience all the more pleasant. With so many different types of crafts and organizing personalities out there, it can be difficult to find a place to start. Luckily, has a variety of craft cubes in different styles to best suit your specific needs.


4 Shelf Organizer Cube

Craft 4 Shelf Cube

Our 4 shelf organizer cube is perfect for scrapbooking since it’s designed to let all of your papers lie flat. This prevents unwanted creases and potential tears, and it allows you to see all of your colors at once, too. So, whether you’re starting your vacation scrapbook or creating a memory book for your precious newborn, you’ll have every single color of paper at your disposal, wrinkle-free and ready to go. 


 Drawer Organizer Cube 

Craft Drawer Organizer Cube

A drawer organizer cube is ideal for those who love beadwork and jewelry making. Don’t forget to add some drawer dividers to take it to the next level! This gives you a place for all of your bead containers, wire, and thread. Then, you won’t have to worry about the thread or wire getting in a knot, as each will have its own separate compartment.


Corner Organizer Cube

Craft Corner Cube

No matter which type of craft is your passion, a corner organizer cube is a must-have. First and foremost, it looks great. But, more importantly, it’s a great place to store embellishments and other small crafting items that you don’t want to push toward the back of a traditional cube. The corner design helps keep everything front and center, so you’ll always know what you have to work with.


 Multi Shelf Organizer Cube

Craft Magazine Holder Organizer Cube Green

If you love quilting, you know how many tiny squares of fabric always seem to be lying around. A multi-shelf organizer cube is a great solution because there are three separate shelves that are the perfect size for all of those pieces. Since the cube is divided, you won’t have to worry about the entire pile of squares toppling over if it gets too high. There’s even a place to store your instructional and idea books as well.


Hanging Files Organizer Cube

Craft Hanging Files Organizer Cube

A hanging files organizer cube is a sewer’s dream. This single drawer gives you a protected place to store your delicate patterns—and there’s plenty of room for instructional books as well. You won’t have to go rummaging through a huge stack of patterns to find the one you’re looking for—simply open the drawer and everything is right in front of you. The patterns seamlessly drape over the files, keeping everything wrinkle free and ready to use whenever you’re ready to start a new project or pick up on an old one.


3-Drawer Multi-Storage Cube 

Craft 3 Drawer Multi Storage Cube

Our 3 drawer multi-storage cubes are perfect for those interested in cardmaking, ink, and stamp related projects. Whether you’re making a special card for your best friend’s baby shower, a thoughtful thank you note full of TLC, or a personalized invite asking your gal pals to be your bridesmaids, you’ll have all of your materials within arm’s reach. The three separate drawers easily pull out and have different types of dividers, allowing you to store ink, stamps, paint, and more, so you won’t have to fuss around trying to get the color that’s all the way in the back.


Door Organizer Cube

Craft Door Organizer Cube

Whether you enjoy painting, drawing, needlework, scrapbooking, jewelry making, or some other type of art form, a door organizer cube is a staple piece for your crafting area. You can still see everything inside the cube, but you have the option of a door that matches the pattern of the surrounding pieces, offering a more finished look. This is a nice alternative to our cubes with open designs, as you get the same amount of space with the ability to close a door if you wish.


 2 Shelf and Ribbon Drawer Cube 

Craft 2 Shelf and Ribbon Drawer Cube

Ribbons are a great way to put the finishing touch on many different types of projects, and a 2-shelf and ribbon drawer cube makes working with them a breeze. Instead of struggling with a bin of tangled ribbons, pull out however much you need, cut a piece, and you’re ready to go. When it’s time to swap out the colors or replace an empty spool, simply open the drawer and switch them out! The two shelves above are perfect for string, beads, and other small items.


Open Organizer Cube

Craft Open Organizer Cube

Open craft cubes are a great storage solution for knitters. If yarn is confined in a small space or carelessly thrown into a container, it’s likely to end up with a few huge knots. The open design of this cube gives your yarn plenty of breathing room, and you can keep it separated by stacking it in a pyramid design. Take it a step further and stick your knitting needles there, too! Now, everything you need is right there and ready to use, so you don’t have to waste precious time unknotting a big mess.


Magazine Holder Organizer Cube

Craft Magazine Holder Organizer Cube White

With a magazine holder organizer cube, you can take care of two storage problems at once:

  • Tiny and detailed embellishments can really take your project to the next level. However, it’s hard to keep track of them once they’re out of whatever package they came in. This cube’s divided shelves are perfect for all these small pieces.
  • The other half of this cube is specifically designed to hold your books upright for easy access.



No matter what area of crafting you’re interested in, we have a craft cube design to help you organize your space; with so many different options available, you’re sure to find something that complements your working style. So, organize your materials ahead of time to start your next project off on the right foot. has the organization solutions you need to begin your journey toward a better crafting experience and a less stressful life!


Description: Learn about the variety of ways that craft cubes of all styles can completely transform your craft storage and organization system into something incredible!