Out of the seven billion people living in the world, you’ll never find two people that are exactly the same. However, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has narrowed down the field to 16 personality types that are made up of a combination of eight different traits. Although there’s plenty of room for overlapping characteristics, people either fall into the category of Extroverts or Introverts, Sensors or Intuitives, Thinkers or Feelers, and Judgers or Perceivers.

Individuals with the same personality type are typically motivated by similar things and handle situations as such. So, if you ask someone who’s introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging (an INFJ) and someone who’s extroverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving (an ESTP) to solve the same problem, you’ll likely have two completely different solutions in the end. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, they’re just different. Whether you consider yourself reserved, outgoing, organized, or messy, Go-Organize.com has craft room furniture solutions for every personality.

Extroverts Storage

Extroverts (E)

Extroverts tend to be extremely outgoing, love being in active environments, and thrive in situations where the room’s buzzing with energy. If you consider yourself an Extrovert, you should really give a U-shaped craft room a try. With this type of design, you’re surrounded by all of your scrapbooking supplies, making it easy to draw inspiration from every possible angle. With a few corner organizers and shelf organizer cubes, you can create a customized space for all of your scrapbooking materials, including the actual books, paper, ribbon, markers, and more. Everything is right there, waiting to be utilized. As an Extrovert, you’re probably awesome at and love multitasking. Well, you’re in luck! A U-shaped desk gives you plenty of space, just in case you want to have multiple projects going on at once.

Introverts Storage

Introverts (I)

Unlike Extroverts, most Introverts don’t like to be completely surrounded by other people or things. They draw their energy internally, and treasure that oh-so-precious alone time. If you consider yourself an Introvert, make your scrapbooking area work for you with a desk-style setup along the wall. With a couple of stackable drawer organizers and other craft cubes, simply place a desktop shelf on top to create your working surface. This open concept gives Introverts plenty of breathing room and practically places supplies within an arm’s reach. If, like many Introverts, you prefer to tackle one thing at a time, a simple, single desk allows you to do just that. It also gives you plenty of opportunity to notice and appreciate all the small, intricate details, so you can fully immerse yourself into the task at hand.  

Sensors Storage

Sensors (S)

Sensors are focused on the here and now, having a keen eye for details that are important to them. Since the present is what matters, a divided craft room layout is the perfect scrapbook storage solution for the Sensors out there. All of your scrapbooking supplies can be neatly tucked away in the modular cube storage behind you, while you have an open desk space to work on your current projects. It’s easy to look at all of your materials, formulate a clear plan, take the supplies you need, and start creating.  

Intuitive Storage

Intuitives (N)

Intuitives live with an open mind, seeing not only what’s in front of them, but opportunities for the future as well. If this sounds like you, you might benefit from keeping all of your supplies neatly tucked away in the closet in various mobile craft organizers and other modular cube storage systems. This way, with all of your materials in front of you at once, you can easily see the endless scrapbooking possibilities!

Thinkers Storage

Thinkers (T)

Thinkers tend to have a very analytical mindset, carefully evaluating the situation before they make a decision or formulate an opinion about it. It’s all about logic, especially when it comes to organizing. Overall, they prefer to group like things together, so everything is easier to compartmentalize and evaluate. If this sounds like you—or if you took the MBTI test and it is you—you might want to place all of your scrapbooking materials in one condensed area of a closet. This will allow you to consider your potential options and choose the best one based on the supplies on hand, and with so many craft storage drawer options, keeping like items together is a breeze!

Feelers Srapbook Storage

Feelers (F)

Instead of leading with the head like Thinkers do, Feelers are driven by the heart. It’s all about what feels right and what will be best for everyone involved in any situation, so emotion often plays a big role in their decisions. If you’re a Feeler, we recommend integrating your scrapbooking storage solutions and workspace into one area. A more intimate crafting area will help you channel your passion into the task at hand without being overwhelmed by your surroundings. Plus, with everything close by, these the stackable cube organizers let you really feel out the situation and grab what you need accordingly.

Judgers Storage

Judgers (J)

Judgers are quite organized and prefer a rather planned lifestyle. They’re usually prepared for any situation and are dedicated to finishing every task they start. Incorporating craft storage ideas into a common area is a viable option for this personality type because they keep everything neat and orderly. For example, Judgers will love the fact that closed cubes seamlessly blend into any space without looking cluttered or out of place. Even the simplest storage solution from Go-Organize can satisfy the most demanding Judger.

Perceivers Storage

Perceivers (P)

Perceivers are extremely flexible and thrive in spontaneous situations. They like to keep their options open and are very open minded about change. That’s why, a corner style craft area with plenty of table space is the perfect solution for this particular personality type. If you’re a Perceiver, you’re going to love our versatile, stackable craft cubes—especially when you pair them with some desktops—because they give you so many different ways to rearrange and organize your scrapbooking supplies.

The important thing to remember is that most people don’t fall into a single category. The perfect scrapbooking storage solution for you will likely be a combination of elements from half or even all the different personality types. If you need help finding a place to start, contact our professional organizers or check out our design tool!