We've all seen those studies that show how staying organized can improve your mental and physical health. 6-cube organizers are a great starting point due to their versatility, but with so many different ways to use cube organizers around the home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the endless range of possibilities. Should you go with one large cube organizer—or a few smaller ones on opposite sides of the room? Should you incorporate other pieces around it as well? Whether your room is small, large, simple, or intricate, Go-Organize.com is here to help you find the perfect furniture combination for your specific space, keeping your lifestyle in mind during the entire process.

In the Family or Living RoomIn the Family or Living Room

Whether you need a place to display your fine vases, store your DVDs, or keep your blankets, this organizer features six cubes and a lot of flexibility. Since living rooms and family rooms mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, we have many options to match your personal style. Are you going for a clean, sophisticated look? Place a few pieces of fine art in every other box to break things up. Are you searching for something a little more functional? Turn the shelf on its side, and keep it stocked with your favorite movies and fuzzy blankets! Whatever the case may be, this versatile organizer cube will do the trick—and you can pair it with our multifunctional furniture for even more customization possibilities.     

In the Craft Room

In the Craft Room

From your child’s colorful finger paints to your fancy scrapbooking supplies, keeping these items organized makes the prep and clean up go just as smoothly as the craft. Instead of just throwing anything craft related into a giant bin, keep everything in an organization cube that has six divided sections. This allows you to group like materials together, so you always know where something is when you need it. Since the cube features multiple flat surfaces, you can put paints, glitter, and other messy items upright, so you don’t have to worry about them spilling in a box. Combine this versatile piece of furniture with any of our other craft storage solutions, and you’re well on your way to having the ultimate craft area or room.

In the Laundry RoomIn the Laundry Room

When you’re dealing with clothes, towels, detergent, and other cleaning supplies, it’s easy for the laundry room to get a little cluttered, but this organizing cube features six different areas to keep everything tidy, in plain sight, and easily accessible. The best part is that it’s extremely customizable to your lifestyle! Are you always looking for a clean pressed shirt? Give your iron its own spot, so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. Do you have a certain cleaning routine? Organize the contents in the cubes accordingly to make the actual cleaning process more efficient. And don’t forget to pair your organizer with some of our other laundry room storage solutions for a completely enhanced mud room experience.

In the BedroomIn the Bedroom

If you need extra space for the clothes, accessories, or treasures that you’ve collected from your travels around the world, a 6-cube organizer is a great place to start. Ideal for big purses, oversized sweaters, and tall shoes, everything is easy to see and has plenty of breathing room. No matter what day of the week it is, it seems like we always have to run out somewhere, but our product makes it easy to grab everything and go in a pinch. There’s plenty of space on top of the organizer for your favorite accessories as well! This is a great option for bedrooms both big and small as you can get as many as or as few as your lifestyle demands. Add some stacking storage, and you’re ready to create a completely customized organization system for your bedroom.

In the ClosetIn the Closet

An organizer cube with six separate sections is a great solution for items in your closet that don’t hang well on a traditional hanger or fit nicely into a drawer. From your oversized cardigan and cozy hat to your favorite shoes or rain boots, everything can have its own cube. If you have smaller items, such as socks, gloves, and other accessories, toss them in a fabric storage bin that perfectly fits into the unit for easy access. This is a great option, especially for seasonal items, since you can simply swap things out as the weather changes or as your style evolves. Incorporate some of our home organization furniture as well to create a dream closet that’s unique to your specific crafting style. If you need help getting started, our professional organizers are happy to help!

In the PlayroomIn the Playroom

Whether you place it horizontally or vertically, this cube organizer has six individual compartments to keep books, games, and other toys neat and tidy. Instead of keeping everything on one giant shelf, place a few items in each cube. This way, you can spend less time playing Jenga with books and board games and more time actually playing the real game. It’s also a lot safer–just be sure to secure tall furniture to the wall! If you have a lot of loose items, place them in a decorative fabric bin to truly transform your playroom—you won’t even recognize the space! Dividing up the shelf space allows you to put the things you use most where they’re easiest to reach. Items used less or that require adult supervision can go up high, and your kid’s favorite toys can go at the bottom, so they don’t have to ask you to get it down.

Our 6-cube organizer comes in white, maple, walnut, and espresso, so it will seamlessly blend in with your existing furniture. If you’re starting over from scratch, we have an awesome design tool to help bring your vision to life as well. Whether you know exactly what you want or need a little guidance from our organizing experts, shop Go-Organize.com to find the best storage furniture to complement every room in your home!