stackable cube organizer

It's a good bet that most of us could use better storage options. After all, you can find around 300,000 items in the typical American home. Built-in storage is great, of course, but it's a rare commodity in many houses. That means homeowners have to get a bit creative with how they store their stuff. Struggling to think outside the box? Start with a cube -- or several, to be exact. In today's post, we'll discuss five unique ways you can use stackable furniture cubes in problematic spaces all around your home.

  1. In the bathroom: If you have just one small linen closet in the hall or in your bathroom itself, you'll probably have a hard time finding space for everything your family needs. That's where a stackable cube organizer can come in handy. Whether you place it adjacent to the tub or right outside the bathroom, a nine cube organizer is great for storing towels of all sizes, soaps and body washes, moisturizers and lotions, hair products, and much more. This will keep cabinets, drawers, and closets from becoming catch-all messes and can make sure your family can easily access everything they need.
  2. In the home office: If you work from home in any capacity, it's tough to be productive when your office is a mess. Bookcases and other kinds of shelving can help with certain storage needs, but you may find stackable cube organizers will be a welcome alternative to a traditional filing cabinet. From important documents, binders, and notebooks to decorative elements to improve the feel of your space, you can easily use these kinds of organizers near your desk and throughout the room. Not only will you make it easier to find and use the items you need most, you'll make the room look more aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
  3. In the bedrooms: In the modern age, most of us have an abundance of clothes. Even with closets and dressers, it can be difficult to find room for everything and keep it all organized. By adding a 12 cube organizer in the bedrooms, you'll have accessible storage that won't allow you to be messy. Because these organizers are open, you'll be able to see what you actually have and will have incentive to fold or store everything neatly. These kinds of organizers are great for sweaters, jeans, and tops, but you can also store purses, shoes, and other fun accessories in stackable cube organizers. And because you'll know exactly what you already own, you'll be less inclined to buy items you don't really need.
  4. In the mudroom or entryway: Your home's entryway or mudroom can easily become cluttered with shoes, coats, umbrellas, hats, and other gear. This can keep you from finding what you need in a hurry and will prevent your home from looking its best. But by combining hanging hook storage options with organizer cubes in these spaces, you'll be able to store everything you need without making a mess. You can even keep bulky outdoor gear and games in these cubes to encourage everyone to spend time outside in the warmer months.
  5. Laundry rooms have a reputation for being a bit cold and sparse. But you can make your laundry room somewhere you actually want to be by using stackable cube organizers to hold detergent and bleach, dryer sheets, baskets, cleaning supplies, and cute boxes or mason jars to hold change, buttons, and other pocket finds. You can even store laundry racks against your organizer to keep it all spic and span. If you're able to make your laundry room more attractive, you probably won't mind doing this chore nearly as much!

There are so many ways to use cube organizers in nearly every room of your house. Don't be afraid to be creative with how you organize your home! To find out more about buying storage furniture online, get in touch with us today.