If getting organized always ends up being one of those New Year’s resolutions that you just can’t seem to keep, try looking at it from another angle. Instead of viewing the process as something horrible, think of it as the first step toward the best version of your life. Having a tidy space to do the work you’re passionate about can help you achieve flow, which will in turn help you lead a happier life. When you become immersed in the thing you love, the rest of the world seems to drift away, and you experience a sense of ecstasy. It’s a way of finding and losing yourself simultaneously in the best way possible. Begin the organization journey today, and get ready to lose yourself in art with these craft organizer solutions.

The Mobile Craft Station

If you’re just getting your feet wet in the world of crafting, a mobile craft station is the perfect place to start. It gives you the opportunity to consolidate all of your supplies into one convenient space. This makes it incredibly easy to see what items you utilize the most and what items you use less often. From there, you can rearrange and tweak accordingly until it’s just right. Since these devices are on wheels, they’re ideal for smaller spaces that are often used for different functions. When company is coming over, simply roll your mobile craft organizer into a spare room or into the closet. With all of your materials neatly tucked away in the drawers and on the shelves, you’ll never have to worry about shoving everything behind a closed door, turning everything into a jumbled and frustrating mess. Additionally, different projects require different work spaces. No matter where your project requires you to be, take your organizer along for the ride and have all of your materials by your side.

The Versatile Craft Cube

Purple craft storage cubes

With craft cubes, you get to be an artist with a blank canvas. No matter how big or how small your room is, you can easily customize the area by stacking cubes in a way that fits your space. Since cubes have clean, crisp lines, they can be placed virtually anywhere in your home—without looking out of place or making the room feel cluttered. Once you figure out the dimensions you have to work with, choose from different shelf and drawer options that best accommodate your specific crafting needs. Whether you need 2 cubes or 20, everything will have a home in this flexible organization system. And, as your projects change, and you become interested in different types of crafts, you can simply utilize your cubes in a way that works for that particular time. Unlike large pieces of furniture that will typically stay in one place, simple and efficient stackable cubes can easily be rearranged or swapped out until you find the solution that works for your crafting style. 

The Efficient Craft Desk

Craft desk organizers

Chances are, you probably have a desk of some sort in your home or crafting space already. It doesn’t take up too much space, but it still gives you a dedicated area for all things creative. With desktop and wall organizers, you can fully maximize desk space by giving everything a place instead of having loose papers, pens, and other junk littered about. Store the supplies you use less often on a shelf on the wall to save precious desk space. The materials will still be easily accessible, but you won’t be tripping over them when you aren’t using them. For materials you use every day, a desktop organizer keeps everything right within reach while your desk remains clean and clutter-free. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of organization systems out there that can turn any ordinary desk into a crafting oasis.

The Dedicated Craft Closet

Although no two closets are exactly alike, there are a few craft organizers that are commonly used across the board, all of which work quite well:

Craft closet organization
  • Stacking Cubes – If there’s enough room to fit a few rows of stacking cubes, this is a great place to start. They create a solid base that can be as tall or short as you desire.
  • Shelves – If your closet doesn’t already have shelves, installing some will help you maximize the entire space from the floor to the ceiling. Simply throw the materials you don’t need on the top and leave the important ones more toward eye level.
  • Pegboards – If your closet isn’t deep enough or wide enough to fit storage cubes or shelves for all of your supplies, pegboards are a great alternative. They take up virtually no space, and it’s very easy to move things around as needed.
  • Wall organizers – If you don’t want to install entire shelves, a wall organizer is a great way to add extra space. And don’t forget behind the door too! If there’s room, this is a wonderful opportunity to hang small baskets and hooks.
The Entire Craft Room
Craft room organization

Whether this area is a spare room, your whole basement, or a sectioned off part of your den, your craft space is unique to you alone. Do what you love! If you enjoy knitting and sewing, having something to organize all of your fabric, yarn, thread, ribbons, and other notions should take priority. For artists, a few marker, paint, and ink pad organizers could go a long way. And shelf organizer cubes also make a world of difference in keeping your scrapbooking paper crisp. Whatever your passion may be, our experts can help you customize and design your dream crafting space. 

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your craft room is. From a single piece of furniture to a whole room designed specifically for crafting, there are organizer solutions available to accommodate any space. Don’t be afraid to test out a few different options with our Design Tool! And, as your interests and needs change, there’s no need to completely start over. Our products are extremely compatible with each other, so it’s easy to rearrange your items and add new ones as necessary. At the end of day, the best craft storage solution will be the one that works for you and allows you to pursue your passion for art.