5 drawer organizer

The typical American home has something like 300,000 items within it. But finding proper storage for those 300,000 items can be a real struggle. Even if your house has some built-in storage, you might still need to get a little creative to find places to put the items you need most. And in many cases, getting creative and mobile can work to your advantage. When you choose to use mobile organizers in different ways in each room, you'll open up a world of possibilities. Here's our five for five -- five clever ways to use those mobile 5 drawer organizers -- that we hope will help give you better storage throughout your home.

You can use our mobile 5 drawer organizers to hold...

  1. Kitchen tools: While you may have a lot of built-in drawers and shelves already in your kitchen, those who live in smaller apartments with roommates or whose kitchens are cramped may have a need for additional storage options. You can use a mobile organizer to hold tools like rolling pins, cutting boards, whisks, corkscrews, can openers, and other specialty items that could easily get lost in a junk drawer. And because this organizer can easily be wheeled around, you can place it in a pantry or storage closet when it's not in use to give yourself more room to move around.
  3. Office supplies: If your home office storage options are limited to desk drawers and traditional filing cabinets, a mobile organizer may allow you more flexibility. You can, of course, use this organizer to hold papers, files, and folders. But you can also use it for other tools like staplers, three-hole punches, notepads, writing utensils, tape dispensers, printer ink cartridges, paperclips, and thumb tacks. It's a great way to ensure you always have what you need, whenever you need it and no matter where you're doing your work.
  5. Kids' items: If you're like most families, you'll know that the kids' rooms can be an explosion of playthings. You can easily use storage drawers like these to hold their small toys, books, games, crafts, and even clothing. They're especially useful in smaller rooms, as they can easily be moved out of the way when you need a bigger playing space or if siblings need to share built-in storage shelving.
  7. Accessories: If your closet is full to bursting and you regularly misplace your smaller accessories, a mobile storage unit may be just the thing. You can easily fill storage drawers with jewelry and watches, hats and hair pieces, socks and hosiery, wristlets and evening bags, sunglasses, scarves, and other pieces that can easily get lost in the depths of your wardrobe. You can tuck it away or bring it out, as needed, allowing you to keep your bedroom and closet space more functional.
  9. Craft supplies: Of course, you can also use mobile 5 drawer organizers for crafting! Embellishments like jewels, sequins, zippers, trim, and ribbon can easily be stored in these units. The same goes for glue guns, scissors, sewing materials, measuring tape, and craft papers. You can even put your business cards and packing supplies in these organizers for when you send orders out to your customers.

When you use 5 drawer organizers on wheels, you can easily switch up the layout of a given space or transfer storage options to where they're needed most. To find out more about the best storage furniture options for your needs, please contact Go Organize today.