embellishment storage organizer

Whether crafting is purely a passion or is the source of your side hustle, you need craft room storage solutions that will support your creative endeavors. The estimated 21 million quilters all across the nation (as well as crafters of all kinds) use small items -- like thread, ribbon, sewing needles, scissors, buttons, beads, paint, and more -- to create their wares. Those embellishments can easily be misplaced or can make a room a total mess if you don't take preventative steps. That's where the following embellishment storage organizer ideas come in.

What kinds of embellishment storage organizers should I use?

  1. Cubes: You can't go wrong with craft cubes, especially when there are so many different kinds to choose from. There are many decorative styles to choose from, as well. Whether you need a cube with multiple drawers or a totally open space to display spools of thread and small containers, we've got something that will fit your needs and stylishly fit your space.

  2. Stacking Trays: If you run a crafting business, you might already use stacking trays to keep track of invoices and other important documents. But you can also use them to hold decorative papers, fabrics, and other large finishings. If you're able to keep them flat in a tray, you'll be much less likely to lose them in a drawer (and you won't risk getting them crumpled!).

  3. Corner Organizers: In small spaces like these, you need to make good use of every inch. Corner organizers can keep the bulk to a minimum yet provide storage options you need for jars of glitter, buttons, jewelry pieces, or even office supplies.

  4. Jars and Canisters: Of course, cubes and shelves are a must, but you can't simply throw all of your embellishments into a drawer and call it a day. That's why you need small jars, canisters, and other containers to hold those bits and bobs that could easily roll away and get lost. It always helps to display embellishments in an aesthetically pleasing and accessible way!

  5. Ribbon Drawers or Floating Shelves: Spools of ribbon and thread can be a challenge to store, as can rolls of wrapping paper. They tend to take up a lot of room. But wall ribbon holders and drawers made specifically for ribbon can be a real space-saver. You can mount these embellishment storage organizers to make good use of the vertical space and make it even easier to use these products.

Consider using these craft room storage ideas to transform your space from disorganized to fully functional. And to find out more about our craft cubes and other storage furniture, contact us today.